Posted on Dec 7, 2017


Think of mindfulness as a way to enhance certain kinds of mental fitness


One last push before the end of the year, projects to finish, books to balance, decisions to finalise. It’s no wonder many workers and managers are counting the days until the Christmas break and a chance to catch their breath and gather their thoughts.

While a few days off might help to dial down the stress levels, companies are increasingly looking at longer term strategies to help their staff to manage stress and improve wellbeing.

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Gender equality

Posted on Nov 21, 2017

Gender Equality

“In order to change any system, you have to change the culture,”

Gender Equality

If you are a regular reader of our blog, you might recall a recent piece about men in America being far more likely than women to be promoted during the early stages of the career.

That blog post cited figures from a study by and consultancy firm McKinsey, and looked at the continued underrepresentation of women in corporate Ireland too.

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Authentic leadership

Posted on Nov 16, 2017

Just be yourself

“Self-awareness is only part of what makes an authentic leader,”

Authentic leadership


Business is a landscape often peppered with jargon and buzzwords.

One term that we’ve been hearing a lot about lately is authentic leadership. But it is just another buzzword, or is it actually a useful concept for business leaders?

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Scary statistics! Women leaders climbing the ladder

Posted on Oct 27, 2017

We hear a lot of statistics about female leadership, and the gender gap in the office.

Scary Statistics!
Women leaders climbing the ladder

We hear a lot of statistics about female leadership, and the gender gap in the office. But one new statistic has really shocked us. Corporate America promotes men at 30 per cent higher rates than women during the early stages of their careers.

So, for every 100 women promoted to a manager role, 130 men make the jump.

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Why diversity needs to be on your board’s risk register

Posted on Oct 24, 2017

Credit: Sunday Business Post

Why diversity needs to be on your board’s risk register

By Margaret E. Ward

As featured in The Business Post.

Business, by it’s very nature, is risky. Economic and political uncertainty or
supply chain problems can scupper the best-laid plans. Planning for risk is an important part of managing a business effectively.

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Finding a successor

Posted on Oct 6, 2017

“The career smart person who drives their own career will always consider who their successor could be, no matter what level role they are operating at,”

Handing over the reins

Whether it is setting up your own business, a move to a different employer or an internal move to another role, most people will at some point in their career jump ship.

Tempting as it is to pack up your desk and head for the hills, working with your successor to ensure a smooth handover is likely to make your move much easier on those around you. Aiding the transition is one thing, but should you be eyeing up potential successors long before you make a move?

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