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About us

About us: Margaret E Ward

Broadly Speaking helps individuals build their professional communication skills.

Women are under-represented at the senior levels of business, politics, on conference panels and in the media. We know women can contribute and want to contribute. Sometimes, however, they need to boost their confidence and their public speaking ability before they feel assured enough to step forward.

Broadly Speaking helps women and men build their professional skills. If you want to be more confident in meetings, negotiations or interviews, to give better presentations or pitches, join a conference panel (or be the keynote speaker!) or become a seasoned media contributor, we can help.

We know you have something to say. We’re dedicated to helping you say it.


The story behind Broadly Speaking

In 2010, I founded the not-for-profit Women on Air networking group to address the lack of gender balance on Irish radio and television, particularly in current affairs programming. Less than a quarter of on-air voices in Irish radio news and current affairs broadcasting are women.

No matter how expert women are, they can be reluctant to share their views in the media. Producers and researchers report they often have difficulty convincing women to go on air, no matter how qualified they are to discuss the matter at hand.

Since Women on Air started, we have built a list of hundreds of expert women in Ireland that producers and researchers can use to find relevant contributors. We have held numerous informal networking events and training seminars.

As Women on Air grew, I realised there was huge unmet demand for confidence and public speaking training from women who wanted to contribute in the media, or at industry and academic conferences.

I also fielded countless queries from both conference organisers and media producers who wanted to improve the gender balance among their contributors and panellists, but struggled to find women who were prepared to speak in public.

And so Broadly Speaking was born. We’re here to train individuals in all aspects of public speaking and professional confidence-building. Diversity matters. You have something to say and we want to make sure you are heard. Please come join us.

Warm regards,

Margaret E Ward, May 2013.

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