The keys to a successful digital transformation

Posted on Jul 26, 2019

76% of people living in the world’s 18 advanced economies own a smartphone.

Nearly every adult on this planet has a mobile phone. Out of 7.5 billion of us, five billion have phones, over half of which are smartphones. This has happened since 2007, when the first iPhone came on the market. The digital revolution has been rapid and unrelenting – and for most businesses, it’s meant survive or die.

How have you fared?

According to the Pew Research Centre, if your business is based in a country with an advanced economy, digital transformation isn’t just a matter of aspirational policy; it’s the difference between life and death.


Is poorly designed work reducing your workers’ productivity?

Posted on Jul 10, 2019

36% of millennials/Gen Z spend at least two hours of their working day on their phones, carrying out personal activities.

It’s the height of the summer and staff members are taking holidays. It may be September, or even October, before your entire team or workforce is back under the one roof.

Summer is often the time when staff members’ level of distraction is at its most obvious – but it is also the perfect time for management to tackle distraction and boredom in the workplace head-on. You can implement strategies that will stand to you for years to come.


Helping employees through change

Posted on Jun 18, 2019

Only about one in four transformations succeed.

The only constant we can be certain of is change. As we prepare to move into a new decade, the companies that will win in the 2020s are the ones that are proactively designed to adapt to the world’s constantly shifting realities.

These realities will include the wider roll out of artificial intelligence, a more diverse workforce, an ever-greater emphasis on data protection and strictly enforced regulations designed to protect the environment.


Leading the way to more family-friendly workplaces

Posted on Jun 4, 2019

The cost of childcare is often described as a “second mortgage”.

Childcare is the real glass ceiling. There are two key things that make this so. Firstly, men earn more than women in Ireland. The gender pay gap currently stands at 14% and, in some professions, that goes up to 30%.

Secondly, the cost of childcare is often described as a “second mortgage”. In some parts of the country, it costs as much as €308 a week for one child. So, when it comes to returning to work after having your child – faced with crèche fees versus your take-home pay each month – is it any wonder the job that brings in the lower salary, inevitably the woman’s, will be the one sacrificed when it comes to paying for childcare over doing it yourself?

Feargal Quinn’s big regret revealed in one of his final interviews

Posted on Apr 26, 2019

He revolutionised Irish retail, held five honorary doctorates, was father to five children and grandfather to 19 and, when he ‘retired’, he became a Senator and a broadcaster, but Feargal Quinn had one regret.

It was a regret he hoped would provide inspiration for other entrepreneurs. “I didn’t open my first shop until I was 23, I should have opened it at 21,” he told Margaret E. Ward on the Broadly Speaking podcast during the summer of 2017. “Start earlier than you’d planned,” he added.


Dressing for success is hard work

Posted on Apr 23, 2019

Dressing for success is hard work

In a business casual world, is the old adage of dressing for success obsolete? Not quite.

When getting dressed for the office, we’re beginning to take style tips from Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, rather than Mad Men’s Don Draper. While sharp suits, fancy dresses and high heels may still be seen in some workplaces, employees are increasingly opting for a more casual style, with a greater focus on comfort. Suits are out and techie casual is in. (more…)

How to deal with underperformance

Posted on Apr 12, 2019

How to deal with underperformance - Broadly Speaking

Regardless of the approach, performance management is a key part of your role as a leader.

How to deal with under performance

The very thought of an annual performance review is enough to strike fear in some managers and employees. This is a time-consuming process filled with awkward conversations, often pointless metrics and contrived goals, but is it also the ultimate ‘tick-the-box’ exercise?

A number of major companies have dispensed with annual performance reviews and instead use a less formal and more continuous approach to staff assessment.


The quest for flexibility

Posted on Mar 19, 2019

Quest for flexibility

“Happier employees equal a more productive workforce.”

The quest for flexibility

What would you do if you won the lottery? Maybe you’d choose to build your dream home, travel more, retrain and change career or support causes you believe in. Whatever your answer, it’s a good way to see what choices you’d make if money was no object.

What if time wasn’t as much of an issue? What would you do with an extra four hours a week? Work more? Exercise more? Read more? Watch more tv? Simply take the time to have a coffee and think?

Between the pressures of work, family, commuting, hobbies, life admin and unexpected bumps in the road, there never seems to be enough time for everything we want to do.


Getting the most from your team

Posted on Mar 8, 2019

Team building puzzle pieces

“A team is something you belong to, something you feel, something you have to earn”

Getting the most from your team

Take a bunch of rag-tag underdogs, some wise cracks, a dollop of Hollywood pizzazz and hey presto, a cult classic is born. An early 1990s movie about ice hockey might seem an unlikely place to draw inspiration for leaders and managers, but stick with us.

In The Mighty Ducks, actor Emilio Estevez takes on the role of Gordon Bombay. Once a star ice hockey player, Bombay finds himself, courtesy of enforced community service, coaching a low-ranking local team. He teaches them a few tricks, learns a little something along the way and so on and so Hollywood. (more…)

Don’t mention the strategy

Posted on Jan 29, 2019

Business woman working with team to develop business strategy

As a leader, you need to be able to explain your strategy to your team in a short, succinct manner.

Don’t mention the strategy

A new approach can result in a meaningful strategy plan, rather than a worthless document that just collects dust

Moments before he was about to go into a meeting with the chief executive of a major retailer, an executive took Martin Reeves aside and told him not to mention strategy. A tricky ask, considering Reeves is a strategist (as well as being an author and member of The Boston Consulting Group’s strategy practice leadership team). (more…)

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