Building a Better Brand

Posted on Mar 20, 2017

Building a Better Brand

Does your brand strategy need a rethink?

This FREE three-hour strategy exploration session for entrepreneurs and small business owners uses visual techniques to help you model a better business. During this facilitated session, we’ll teach you to trust your hands to think faster and go deeper into your future business model. Come join us for insights from fellow participants, delicious coffee, and the chance to reimagine your business.


On request


Dublin city centre venue TBD

Branding, Margaret E. Ward
Innovation and process, Mary Cronin
Design and modelling, Sean McNulty

Brand exploration through facilitated visual thinking

To help you reimagine your business

Through visual and modelling exercises

How much?
Free of charge

How many?
Limited to 12 people. First come, first served

Contact: for more details.

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