Trainers: Kathleen Warner Yeates

Kathleen Warner Yeates

Kathleen has been teaching acting and voice for more than 30 years, including at the Abbey School of Music and Drama in Dublin, Villanova and Penn State universities, and worked in marketing for companies including the Disney Theatrical Group in the US.

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Cristín Leach

Cristín Leach is a broadcaster and journalist, best known for her writing on art in The Sunday Times Ireland, since 2003. As the paper’s longest serving art critic, she is renowned for her ability to communicate complex ideas and strong opinions without resorting to “artspeak”.

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Trainers: Margaret E Ward

Margaret E Ward

Margaret is an entrepreneur, financial journalist and broadcaster with more than 25 years’ experience in both Ireland and the United States, including The Irish Times, Sunday Times, Newstalk and RTE.

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Trainers: Sinead Ryan

Sinead Ryan

Sinead has worked as a freelance journalist and broadcaster for 12 years, mainly working with the Irish Independent group as Consumer and Personal Finance columnist, after a swift realisation that TV and restaurant reviewing is harder than it looks. Prior to that, she was in financial services for 15 years (brokerage and insurer).

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With a professional background spanning public and private sector roles in strategic management, Olwen advises – mainly – the public sector, publicly-funded organisations and cultural institutions on the creation and implementation of gender equality and diversity policies and strategies – she is also adept at formulating strategic development and advocacy strategies.

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Ciara Conlon is a Leadership coach with many years’ experience coaching and delivering executive training programmes to CEOs and teams of all sizes. From disadvantaged teenagers to the financial sector, Ciara inspires all to move forward, making change attractive and the future more successful.

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