Why book a Broadly Speaking course?

Why book a Broadly Speaking course?

Your voice should be heard. You’re an expert with years of experience in your field or working hard to establish a professional reputation. It’s important for your career, and the public debate, that you voice your point of view. Whether that’s at industry or academic conferences, in the media or even during meetings at work, we can help.


Don’t let anxiety, lack of confidence, or insufficient experience, networks or contacts hold you back. We’ll give you the skills to ensure you only put your best effort on show.


How we can help you

Our courses are delivered by friendly, specialist trainers, who are highly experienced and understand the challenges you face in speaking publicly. We’ll give you techniques and tips to improve your public speaking, along with personalised feedback and evaluation.


Not only that, but our courses are also a great networking opportunity. We have found participants love meeting each other, sharing their experiences and making valuable professional connections. We provide a tasty lunch so everyone can chat and get to know one another. It’s also a Broadly tradition to go for a drink at the end of the session.


Above all, we believe learning should be fun and interactive. We promise no-one will end up snoozing in a corner during a Broadly Speaking training course. Wear comfortable shoes as we’ll keep you on your toes.


For individuals

  • Do you sometimes hold back in professional settings, even though you know you could make a valuable contribution?
  • Do you feel anxious or stressed about speaking in public?
  • Have you turned down opportunities to give presentations, or speak at conferences or in the media because you were worried you wouldn’t do a good enough job?
  • Would you like to be a more effective and more authoritative speaker?

Broadly Speaking training courses are designed with you in mind. Through a mix of teaching, storytelling, role-play, group activities and other practical sessions, we will enable you to become a more assured and convincing speaker.


We know you have something to say. We can help you say it clearly and with confidence.


For companies

It’s important to encourage all of your employees to develop and grow their professional skill set. Our training can help your female staff, in particular, to become more confident and effective speakers in a wide variety of settings. These could include conferences, presentations, pitches, negotiations, meetings, marketing events and so on.


Diversity matters. Through our tailored training programmes, we can also help your company meet its corporate social responsibility commitments on diversity and gender balance.


We teach female-only, male-only and mixed classes based on a company’s needs.

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